Bournemouth Tradesmens Baron of Beef Association formed in 1885


Baron_of_beefThe Bournemouth Tradesmens Baron of Beef Association was set up in 1885 whose main purpose was to meet quarterly for “the discussion of public matters affecting the general welfare of the Town” and also to hold annually a Baron of Beef dinner on the third Thursday of February. Annual membership was five shillings (25p). A baron of beef is a joint of beef consisting of two sirloins left uncut at the backbone.

This event is now recreated annually by BCTC and BAHA to launch the Bournemouth Food & Drink Festival with a dinner celebrating Dorset food and drink.

The original silver salver for the Barons of Beef Dinner was last mentioned in correspondence dated 1892 when discussions arose as to where the salver should be kept….and it turned up again in 2014 in the The Mayor’s Parlour Collection at the Town Hall.